Soft Touch Pens, Standing Out From the Crowd

In today’s market it is getting harder and harder for your business to stand out from every other business! The Big Box Stores and Internet sales are sweeping the nation and giving everyone choices of where to do business. This is why it is so very important for you to stand out from all your other competitors. And promotional products are one way to do this! Since this product is given away you will want to make a large impact with the smallest budget possible. One of the most  cost-effective and high-use items you can purchase is the pen. Let’s face it we all have that one pen that we feel guilty about taking. However, in all actuality the pens purpose was to be taken!

Why Soft Touch?

While there are all different types of finishes out there when it comes to pens. The one that getting a lot of attention is the Soft-Touch Finish. It tends to stand out a bit more, turn heads a little more often, and make people ask time and again: “Why does this product feel so different?” I am talking about the increasingly popular soft-touch rubberized finish that can be found on dozens of plastic and metal writing instruments. What is so different you may ask?

The Process!

The soft-touch is a clear rubberized spray that is applied after all the components are molded and the pens are painted or electroplated with your design, logo or phrase. The soft-touch option allows for a non-slip grip without the need of a silicon or rubber component. It also allows you to customize your pens through a multitude of different decoration processes and it doesn’t matter whether you choose metal or plastic. Like,  silkscreen to laser engraving to full-color imprints the choice is yours!

Finally The Power!

Pens put your Brand, Logo, Slogan or Business Name in the hands of all those who use them! You can’t afford to not have the Soft-Touch!

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